What I learned from the Second Man on the Moon

As an aviator, of course I was excited to meet, talk with and learn under the second man to step on the surface of the moon. Buzz Aldrin, was eccentric, quick witted, and had a brain that was out of this world. The difference with Buzz is he was able to communicate effectively while some other of his intellect cannot. Buzz is a forward thinking and always 5 steps ahead of everyone else; keeping up with his brain was a challenge.

I had the privilege to listen to him coach and cheer a room of CEO’s and executives gathered in a room in Nashville, Tennessee to push their companies farther than before.  What better person to coach that the man who has gone farther than anyone in the room. His story of perseverance, never quitting, grinding, while yet stopping to enjoy the ride was a breath of fresh air. He challenged us to get up everyday and try something new, something challenging, something risky, and learn from the mistakes and failures and get back up and grind again. Never let failure excuse you from success rang in my ears.

What have you challenged yourself with lately?  Di you fail at it?  Good if you did.  Get up and do it all over again!

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